The Son 2022 Movie Review

the son movie

He arrived in Florian Zeller the same problem faced by musicians who meet an unexpected success with their first album, which is down in flames when they publish a second, the latter is often, it is true, a less convincing first. The rage, sometimes hate, and criticism of the US vis-à-vis The Sound won’t surprise fans of the music used these returns to stick more or less unfair, but it is also exacerbated by the sensitivity of the united states on the subject of suicide in adolescents, it is, therefore, Zeller does not treat “seriously” in his film.

But let’s get back to the starting point, that is to say, the critically acclaimed – and popular, to a certain extent – in the anglo-saxon world of the first film with the Frenchie Florian Zeller: a never-before-seen for a newbie ex-pat away from France, which resulted in some chroniclers French to sing a verse and patriotic property moved. It was convenient to forget that Zeller is a playwright accomplished, and so far from being a ” beginner “, but also that this is very much the support and talent of Anthony Hopkins that has powered The Father under the lights of the media.

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Zeller wanted, logically or not, to redo the same hold up… the awesome Hopkins him, making even the small service to appear in a scene, a single one, but that number of people agree to call the top of the film, both the talent and charisma of the man are enormous! Since the Romans, it is known as ” Bis Repetita Non-Place “, an adage that The Sound will not be untrue. Zeller fit just another one of his hit plays, with the help of the same screenwriter veteran, Christopher Hampton. And the password for the “father” and ” son “(in the meantime in the game of 7 families, the “mother,” sister “, etc), for clearly the stick to make the beat.

And The Sound is much lower, in fact, than The Father: not very well written, from the side of his subject (the discomfort of a teenager in which his parents divorced – never arrive to capture the severity, which will have terrible consequences…), and failing to put in value the game of his players who are yet to a maximum.

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This kind of indifference of Zeller vis-à-vis the tragedy of the ” son “, performed by a Zen McGrath the absence of life on the screen is questionable (is it to represent literally the absence in the world of the teenager, or a direction of the actors deficient from Zeller ?), is, without doubt, largely explainable by the fact that the true subject of the film is once again the paternity: like the famous scene with Hopkins the explicit clear, here is here to treat of the difficulty for a man to succeed professionally (or even politically), to have a love life to be satisfactory (replacing the wife used by a younger version of themselves when they approach the age of fifty), while ensuring a minimum-transmission – of love, attention, “values” – to his son. Suddenly, Zeller doesn’t give a crap well the discomfort teen, does not film, or so little, and is therefore – quite unfairly, finally – the ire of the critical well-thinking US who reproached him for his neutrality vis-à-vis the ” about company “…

The real problem of the film, is rather, as we have said, his many blunders of writing, which are those of a true “first film”: a lack of boldness in the adaptation of theatre work, including Zeller knows not to question the device; a remedy inexcusable in flashbacks totally nerdy under the Corsican sun; an end “to twist” literally shameful, almost an insult to the intelligence of the viewer. And then, it is a detail, but it is the icing on a cake already collapsed, using literal of the famous ” gun Chekhov “which could give the film the urge to laugh at the most dramatic of the film…

Otherwise, The Sound is still a film that is honestly, a lot more watchable than the critical US, in part thanks to the efforts – a little phoned-in still of Hugh Jackman who is trying to scenes footage to prove that he knows how to play something other than a mutant with claws of steel rétractiles.

Let’s hope that, like all good Rock bands, the third album – pardon me, the third film will see Zeller come back in good shape, but mostly open his Art to other horizons that recycling at the cinema of his own pieces.

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