Scream VI 2023 Movie Review

scream vi

Past his prologue awful (so much that I prayed for that they we repeated the blow of the twist “Oh no, in fact, it was just the new one Stab, one you had !” – lost, that was the shit in the first degree), which I logically make us fear the worst for the future, the film is ultimately the same source as the previous one, namely (best that this prologue but) a slasher perfectly lambda, and so unworthy of tetralogy of Craven…

And even when it is fantasy visibly above the fray plateresque (not sure that word exists) with his discourse meta, in fact, beta, and most importantly completely wrung out… So OK, the process has made the heyday of the franchise in the 90s, and we really had fun, but it would produce twenty-five years later, the meta-level, “hey guys, we are in a suite, I explain to you, so the killer is now like this and in the next act, it will make it more”, we have eaten in all the sauces in lots of things are shit and it is already dreadfully corny… (The new ambassador for the speech from the two films is, incidentally, a sacred head slaps, which makes these passages even more difficult.)

In other words, he will quickly have to find a new competitive advantage in this franchise, because for the moment it is still in the sub-Scream of the big time. And I’m sorry, but it’s not enough to recycle lazily (be aware of and be ironical it does not change anything) the original formula to rise to the height of its predecessors. Like the 5 before him, Scream 6 in fact, the noise and the smell, but they have neither the malice that had managed to instil in Craven nor the trio attaching Sid/Gale/Dewey.

And it is not enough to resurrect Hayden Panettiere (which took twenty years to ten) for the sake of his fan club to compensate for the absences of Dewey and Sidney… (I thank all the same, the two reals do not have too many cocksucker three original characters, even if I would have quite liked the reflection of it on Sid who “deserves his happy ending” to be applied as soon as the precedent for Dewey – from here to believe that this delicacy is born of the refusal of Neve Campbell back in it rather than by conviction, there is only one step… I’m not of course to take, isn’t it.)

But damn, the new quartet of heroes, it’s just not possible… already, in what world is this that you put Melissa Barrera in lead rather than Jenna Ortega? (And don’t break the balls with his series on Wednesday that I don’t look at, I don’t care, and I had already done the thinking at the time of Scream 5.)

So luckily, this takes significantly more space in it (the advantage of not spending half the movie host as in the previous), but hey, pays the deficit of charisma, your main heroine, what… It is passed from Sidney to it, seriously… and Then the two nieces-nephews, Randy, pfff… Chad again, it will; but her sister, what a hell…

In addition to all these characters that refuse to burst, it is truly heinous. It is believed that the movie takes place in an alternate universe where the stabbings are of wasp stings… kind it of hurts at the time, then after five minutes it is OK… you’ve lost a litre and a half of blood, but more frightened than hurt…

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We had already done the blow to the end of the 5th, we resurfaced here the most beautiful… everyone is taking dirty shots everywhere, bide including, but don’t worry, all the gentiles important to survive… Even Gale and Chad, who, however, had been martyred… Quiet, good grog and it will be better tomorrow… and forget the aspirin, a tablet every 4 hours…

After these few criticisms mentioned… it looks nice… Past the prologue, as said above, this is the slasher honest (with a skin Scream, so), which shows graphic violence rather pleasing (given its prohibition to 12 years old only) and never boring, even if his last act (without impact) is weak… with a killer anecdotal (who has forgotten his charisma in his mask).

In short, it is the Scream devitalized, without the main charms of the tetralogy original, but which, taken as a slasher anonymous, looks without much pain.

See you soon for the 7… to which my little finger tells me that the idea that itch some from the 3 should eventually land… It is in any case that began here, via a replica subtle enough (from memory, something like: “Hmmm… you see, that’s what had killed this old man… if you think that he is dead, of course… hmmmm”). And what’s more, it will cost less than Neve Campbell, if it is not beautiful, I ask you.

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