Empire of Light 2022 Movie Review

Empire of Light 2022 Movie Review

Empire of Light seems to be a tribute to the magic of cinema, these doors that open, and offer a moment of light and escape, far from the daily and sometimes dark and lifeless where nothing would ever be perfect, go and discover this shared joy, as a healing power, for a moment, in the midst of these scenes, this beautiful red-carpet, and all those technical details in this magnificent palace, an empire that faces of the walkers, one day, somewhere on the English coast, in the 80s, a period of great political upheaval, and racial.

In this film, Sam Mendes was able to bring a certain creativity, despite the themes, both in his photography that impresses, but also by those piano keys, who rise to the emotion rising, the atmosphere is melancholic and magical, in this great movie a bit lonely, forgotten, who tries to regain its golden age a plot among all these characters, and their motivations common to want to relive those great times of the past, the glamour of a glorious past as a present that is greater than the hurt of life, which bind them all for certain, its music, its pop culture, but also all of his films.

Questions and complex issues, merge when all seem isolated, it is a story that takes form, and which illuminates the sky of the purpose of all these little connections humans.

A feature-length film poignant and successful, with a fine cast, including Olivia Colman ( Hilary ), always as bright, as a woman of the past complicated, insensitive to the world that surrounds it, leaving even sexually abused by Donald, Colin Firth, in the role of a boss without scruples, operating her fragile mental health.

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Yet, despite these dark thoughts, Hilary like all the group’s employees, continues to live, hope, and love, when suddenly the young and enthusiastic Stephen ( Micheal Ward ), in a performance at the height of the character, appears in his eyes, Hilary is inspired by the desire to be happy, she smiled more, it was in his gaze that she dares to even see each other, a strange love, which must remain discreet, the sun came up to caress the tears of a flower that had to be sick, no cure, two people who meet for a little warmth, and comfort in one another, developing this sense of belonging through their relationship improbable, but soft, who raise all of the work

Sam Mendes is looking to mix the trauma, and compassion, in Stephen away from the city, his studies, thinking to believe escape to the air of hatred, racism that takes colour to a fight, that of human dignity, but also in Hilary, absent of all, pursued by other demons interiors, these men, who choke, which she holds in horror, depression and relapse to a state of emotional instability.

What are all these injuries, which bring them closer, who created this unique alchemy of love, a heart that is waiting to be two, to finally escape the darkness, once again smile, hug each other, travel through the seventh door, for other poems, together always.

All of these ideas could have been disappointing, even inexplicable, however, for my part, it works, perhaps the magic of the movies, or all these great Actors, a film, one of Sam Mendes, and the horizon line personal, on his memory, his story, that of a Love of the 7th Art.

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