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Crackle is one of the popular free movie streaming sites that has numerous movies in different genres with a streaming service that doesn’t require a subscription fee. One amazing thing about this site is that it is licensed to stream movies, unlike its competitors who stream pirated movies. Literally speaking, this site is safe and secure for users.

This site is loaded with different kinds of movies like Hollywood and their likes which makes the site enticing. Even though this site is loaded with the latest movies with original content, it also contains annoying ads which pop up when streaming movies on this site. But if you don’t understand the modus operandi of the Crackle website, there is no cause for alarm, just chill and relax as I walk you through this write-up.

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Where Is Crackle Available?

Unfortunately, this site is only available in the United States. However, they tried extending their services to Latin American countries and Canada in previous years but the company later pulled the service after some trials. 

Is It Legal To Stream Movies On Crackle Website?

Yes, it is legal to watch movies on this site. Literally speaking, this site is one of the most legit and genuine websites that you can ever think of. This site is licensed to stream movies in the United States. 

Is Crackle Really Free?

Yes, it is free to watch movies on this site. Though this seems impossible, the reality is that you can watch different movies and tv shows on this site at no cost. But this site contains plenty of ads from where they get their monetization. These ads normally pop-up before the movies start streaming and they will continue popping up throughout the whole streaming process. Nevertheless, the good news is that you can watch movies on this site at no cost.

What Devices Does Crackle Work On?

Crackle works on different devices, some of the devices that are compatible with this site include;

  • Apple TV.
  • Amazon FireTV.
  • RokuTV and devices.
  • Smartphone
  • Most Smart TVs
  • Firefox etc.

Major Content In Crackle Website

Crackle is licensed to stream films and tv shows from different providers like MGM, Lions gate, Hallmark Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, A&E Networks, CBS Media Ventures, Miramar

TV shows that you can see on this site include The Abbott and Costello Show, Bear Grylls: Survival School, Betty White’s Pet Set, 21 Jump Street (featuring Johnny Depp), and 3rd Rock From the Sun among others.

Some of the entertaining movies that you can still see on this site include Mr Nobody, Killing Season, Melancholia, Vice, Last Knights, Burnt, 11th Hour, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 24 Days

Furthermore, you can still watch the latest movies on Crackle, some of the latest movies that you can watch in this site include but are not limited to Halle Berry’s shark thriller Dark Tide, Colin Farrell/Bruce Willis thriller First Kill, Starman, musical classic Bye Bye Birdie, original Star sky & Hutch and Sally Field in The Flying Nun just to mention a few.

Alternative to Crackle

  1. Tubi
  2. Yidio

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