Cocaine Bear Movie Review

Cocaine Bear Movie Review

Then we will say the side “inspired by real events” is clearly a simple effect of marketing because the original story is much less fun and much easier. The bear in question takes the coke found in the national forest of Georgia in 1985 and eventually died a few hours later, certainly from a drug overdose.

Finally, after the investigation by the police and the examiners, they realize that the bear has swallowed a small part of the package, and the rest is missing finally never to be found. This is the origin story that stops here. No murder bears on the inhabitants of the Chattahoochee and the walkers of the forest nation.

This is simply to say that the film is a pure creation of his screenwriter Jimmy Warden.

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The production found the likes of the comedy parody from America, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. And if I speak of them it is clearly not by chance because their aura is extremely present throughout the film. Although the scenario is officially Warden’s our two guys, or as I like to call, “the new ZAZ”, go to the bottom side references. It goes from “brother bear” to “the lion king”) by way of a slew of cult films of the 80’s such as “the goonies” or “stand by me”.

The references are not necessarily obvious and this is where the quality of the script. They arrive to make them subtle.

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The references that I prefer are, of course, those in the cinema horror/slasher because, yes, it is indeed a TRUE horror film. Contrary to the work of marketing the studio Universal has been around the film or they have tried to sell us yet another piece of junk movie semi-thriller between Zombeavers and Sharknado it is a horror film with a huge touch of black humour because humour is very far from one end to the other of the feature film.

In the references in the horror movie, they are found especially at the level of the stage in the movement of cameras and in the pace of the film. Some passages remind us of the “teeth of the sea”, “Christine” or “Halloween”.

For what is the blood, the film is really very gore. These are called legs torn off, faces that are lying on the bitumen, cut-off heads, skulls, spray, hose devoured, and all this under the watchful eye of the camera and never look away.

The film is rated R in the USA.

The implementation we have is Elizabeth Banks. He is here for me its first true realization since its 3 other films are either short films or two products from indigestible studios. She did a really good job, nothing special but she does the work it takes to make his film as successful as possible.

The fact that no one had expected this last in a register and the same is even more enjoyable. She takes a perverse pleasure to surprise us.

The only downside that I will give it is the climax final, which in my opinion is missed because it is shot entirely in American Night. The whole scene is too much on-lit. This is certainly a desire to once again pay homage to the cinema of the 70s and 80s but, unfortunately, this process was already very foul there are 60/70 years back and is just as much today.

For the audition, we follow more or less equal to fifteen different characters and 9 of them will die by the end of the film.

The characters and, by extension, of its performers are, for me, THE weakest point of the film.

Keri Russell is not doing a lot of things in acting as she did not have great things to play if it is not running and screaming (like 90% of the cast).

Alden Ehrenreich is THE character who could very well disappear from the scenario without the film and may be changed one iota, however. The poor man is clearly in free fall since “Solo”.

O’shea Jackson Jr. has a few memorable scenes, including a battle with 3 teenagers which makes us almost say that he is going through this movie to his cast for the upcoming John Wick.

Ray Liotta, peace to his soul, is clearly there to collect his cheque even though it is still very charismatic. The only one that made me love the characters is the great Margo Martindale, who is in full possession of his means.

You will understand that for me casting is not really the strong point of the film. Anyway, this is not the interest of the film, because at some moments the writers, are to have any empathy for their characters, which makes their deaths a lot more enjoyable to the screen.

After a certain time, one wonders what will be the next dead foul and inventive that they are going to get us out, a little to the image of a “final destination”.

I would have also liked that the end is less Hollywood and more trash to go all out in delirium.

To conclude I would say simply that it is a great surprise in spite of the obvious problems, but that the whole is good enough to make us forget his faults.

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