65 2023 Movie Review

65 2023

A nice film that I discovered a little as I discovered Matrix in the 2000s. This is science fiction that calls existential questions, especially in connection with which we act, our origins, and the relationship of the individual with the family.

Said like that, it is very theoretical and it does not really represent the film, but it is this philosophical dimension that has me really hooked. The story is about a space traveller who fails on an unknown planet. And it’s going to happen to him the “odds and ends” in order to survive. This film is not a thriller or a film psychological. It is a kind of “thriller” still in scenery and special effects very well done and integrated into the scenario.

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Personally, I hesitate to go back to see him because I had a good time, and also because of the spectators who light up frantically at the screen of their smartphone in full session, which is a shame, really, in this film, which has been very immersive for me.

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